Hosting a Land & Sea Event with Top Shelf Lifestyles

When you want your event to be memorable, you bring in Top Shelf Lifestyles. Top Shelf Motor Yacht and Luxury rental properties offer a truly unparalleled event experience that seamlessly combines the luxury of land with the serenity of the sea in gorgeous St. Lucia or captivating Hilton Head Island.

Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, a milestone celebration, or an exclusive gathering, our land and sea event options promise an affair to remember. 

Why Choose a Land & Sea Event?

Versatility and Variety: Offering the best of both worlds, our land and sea events cater to all preferences. We understand not everyone is comfortable boating (though our 80’ motor yacht cruises smoooooothly), and ensuring your guests have options is enjoyable for us. Perhaps you’d like to secure our 8,000 sqft venue in St. Lucia for a wedding, and host your bridal party on the yacht before or after the big day. Whether your guests love the elegance of an upscale land venue or the freedom of the open sea, we have you covered.

Customizable Experiences: From the theme to the activities, every aspect of your time with us is completely tailored to fit your vision and your guests’ interests. There are no “packages” with Top Shelf Lifestyle because our Concierge works with you and your event planner to completely customize your time with us.

The Ultimate Land & Sea Experience

Our signature events often includes:

Luxurious Venues: Choose from our selection of exquisite venues from St. Lucia to Hilton Head, Canada and beyond! We offer a portfolio of private estates and the opportunity to term charter the yacht and stay on board.

Spend Time on the Water: Cruise with us on our crown jewel – Top Shelf Motor Yacht. She’s been outfitted with state-of-the-art amenities and our five-star crew and Executive Chef will absolutely wow you beyond compare.

Endless Experiences and Excursions: What kind of event or experience are you envisioning? From family reunions to C-Suite retreats and everything in between, we help curate your itinerary for success. If you seek excursions, transportation, spa treatments in-house, golf lessons – you name it – everything you will need for a seamlessly luxurious experience can be done. 

If your intention is to raise the bar and leave your guests highly impressed, we’re ready to help.

Planning Your Land & Sea Experience with Top Shelf Lifestyles

Reach Out: Our Concierge Karen looks forward to hearing about your vision and requirements.

Customization: We’ll craft a bespoke event package that fulfills all your needs.

Execution: Our team will handle every detail, working with any additional planners you may incorporate depending on your event size and type, to ensure a seamless and spectacular experience from start to finish.


Hosting a land and sea event with Top Shelf Lifestyles is about creating moments that transcend the ordinary. It’s an opportunity to indulge in unparalleled luxury, breathtaking settings, and impeccable service. Contact us to begin crafting your unforgettable event with Top Shelf Lifestyles.

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